Wedding consultancy and bridal belle’s

After years of working closely with our brides we understand what’s needed to make your wedding day special and unique. We also appreciate that planning a wedding can be time- consuming, confusing and stressful. That’s why we are proud to be putting our first-hand experience to good use- to help inspire, guide and organise! Bespoke consultations to help you fulfil your wedding day dreams.

Why not get together with your bridal party ( or Bridal Belles as we prefer) for a fun, relaxing, female filled evening to get inspiration flowing. Let us guide you through what can be an overwhelming number of wedding planning jobs by creating an easy to read to-do list. Whether you want to create an idea’s board or prioritise and delegate a to-do list- you create a wish list prior to your planning party and we can provide all the ideas you need to feel inspired and totally in control.

Like a wedding dress, all of our consultancy services are uniquely designed for each and every couple we work with.

Who better to help plan your big day than the people who can offer you a service as perfect and bespoke as a wedding dress? Details are our business & we love helping our brides feel amazing on their special day.

If you dream of a relaxed wedding planning journey and a dazzling day, but think your budget won’t stretch to expert advice to guide you on your way and realise your vision, we have a range of budget conscious ideas that can be tailored to fit your dreams and your budget.

So you’ve heard that wedding planners take over your big day, or that they are very expensive? So have we! But do not worry; at Brides of Odiham we have always worked to make sure that everyone, whatever the budget, gets the experience and service they deserve. You can mix and match only the items you need to create the perfect package for you. And with products from only £150 it is certainly worth booking a free to consultation to find out how we can create you something special.

As our priority is to provide you with the best of the best we will also work tirelessly to get you the best deals and will always pass the savings back to you. Although we love the suppliers we recommend we will never work on commission!

Skincare Tips That Any Bride Would Appreciate

When it comes to wedding beauty prep, there’s no such thing as starting too soon! Follow these ten top wedding skincare tips on how to get your skin clear and luminous for the big day.

Skin Health

Start drinking green tea, preferably every day. Not only can this help with weight loss – alongside a good diet and exercise regime, of course – but many people swear by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help brighten the skin and reduce acne.

If you are dieting, remember to take a good multi-vitamin supplement as well. If you aren’t having the correct amount of nutrients that your body needs, it will show in your hair, skin and nails. Omega oils are also great for your skin and body.

Skin Lightening Creams

Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin – the longer you have to correct any skin issues, the better! For example, if you try to lighten you skin, only use safe skin lightening creams and only use them long in advance.

Using products that contain AHAs (exfoliating acids) will help to remove dead skin cells, which tend to build up and leave our complexions looking dull and lifeless. Removing this dead layer will leave your skin looking fresher and more vibrant. Just remember to use a good SPF to avoid exposed skin becoming damaged. Also be aware of skin lightening cream dangers.

Want to shed a few pounds before your wedding?

Ensure that you use a nourishing moisturiser all over your body daily, as weight fluctuations can cause stretch marks. It’s important to keep the skin well nourished – look out for ingredients such as Vitamin E.  

Don’t try any new products up to three weeks before your wedding – this includes skincare, hair care, make-up, and even washing powder! Any kind of a reaction, it could take a couple of weeks to calm down, which the last thing you need before your big day.  

Do you suffer from red spots and rough skin on your upper arms, thighs and bum? This is a condition called keratosis pilaris and although it’s not curable, it can be kept under control by using a moisturiser containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid on a daily basis.